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dump dxgrid-db Command -- Take a Consistent Snapshot Copy of a Datastore

Last update August 23, 2018

The dump dxgrid-db command takes a consistent snapshot copy of the datastore of a running DSA (an online dump). The file that is written represents the contents of the datastore when the dump started. Updates may proceed while the dump is in progress but they will not appear in the dump file.

The datastore file is copied to a file with the extension .zdb.

Note: Each dump overwrites the previous backup file. Create a cron job on UNIX or a scheduled task on Windows to copy the backed up file to a safe location before the next dump.

The DXdumpdb tool can export data from a datastore created by the dump command.

The command has the following format:

dump dxgrid-db [period start period];
  • period start period
    (Optional) Specifies that the online dump is performed at regular intervals.
    • start
      Defines the number of seconds from Sunday 00:00:00 a.m. GMT.

      Note: The start time is defined using GMT and not your local time.
    • period
      Defines the number of seconds between online dumps.
    Note: The start time is relative to the period and should be lower than it. If you specify a start time that is greater than the period, the actual start is start - period. For example, if the period is 3600 seconds (one hour) and start is 3610 seconds, the online dump starts 10 seconds from midnight GMT and continues every hour from then on.

Ways to Perform Online Dump for DXgrid

An online dump of a DXgrid database can be performed in the following ways:

  • Interactively
  • Scheduled

For Interactive dump, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command shell and type "telnet localhost {dsaConsolePort}"
  2. When connected, enter "dump dxgrid-db" command.
The following is displayed
Welcome to the DSA Management Console
 dsa> dump dxgrid-db;
 Starting dump
 Dump started

For Scheduled dump, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the dsa's settings configuration file.

  2. Add the following configuration command:

    dump dxgrig-db period <start> <period>;
  3. Save and close the file.

  4. Stop and restart the dsa for changes to take effect.

Once the dump (interactive or scheduled) has completed, you will see a notification in the DSA's warning log about the completion of the dump.

Examples of Scheduled Dump

Example: Perform an Online Dump Every Hour

The following command takes a snapshot copy of the datastore every hour:

dump dxgrid-db period 0 3600;

Example: Perform an Online Dump Every Night

The following command takes a snapshot copy of the datastore every night at 3 a.m. in a GMT+10:00 time zone:

dump dxgrid-db period 61200 86400;

In this example, the start time is the number of seconds from Sunday midnight GMT to the first 3 a.m. slot, corrected by the time zone value, as follows:

(3 am - 10 time zone + 24 hours) * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 61,200

The 24 hour period is calculated as follows:

24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 86,400

Online Dump Errors

The following table describes the errors encountered while performing an online dump and how to resolve these errors:



DXgrid dump request received while dumping

A dump is currently running. Please wait for the dump to complete before issuing the command, or just use the output from the dump that is in process.

Cannot create output file

Ensure that the configured set dxgrid-backup-location is writeable by the user the DXserver process is running as. This valus is generally "dsa" for Unix and LocalService on Windows. If a backup location is not configured, the location configured in the set dxgrid-db-location command is used.

Cannot write dump file - disk full?

The .zdb dump file could not be created as there is not enough disk space. Ensure that there is at least current .db file of space left on the device (that is configured with set dxgrid-db-size) where the backup will be written.

Cannot seek dump file

Rare: A file system error occurred when accessing the attribute section of the existing .db file. Retry the operation and if it continues to fail, contact your system administrator.

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  1. Justin McDonald
    2017-10-04 06:19

    The examples need a semicolon Replace "dump dxgrid-db period 0 3600" with "dump dxgrid-db period 0 3600;" Replace "dump dxgrid-db period 61200 86400" with "dump dxgrid-db period 61200 86400;" Thanks

    1. Preeti Gurram
      2017-10-05 01:44

      Updated docops as per your suggestion.

      Thanks Justin.