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CA Datacom Core - 15.1
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Did you know that you can now generate your own PDFs?

JOANNA KRUEGER | Feb 12, 2019

You can generate and download a PDF for the entire CA Datacom Core space by selecting the PDF link towards the top of the Home page.

You can also generate a PDF for each of the individual sections of content. For example, to create a PDF of the Using section, click "Using" in the left-hand table of contents and when the page opens, select the PDF link towards the top of the topic. You can then download the entire Using section in PDF form.  Similarly, you can create PDFs for sub-sections and even individual topics.

CA Datacom Core 15.1 DocOps Published - February 8, 2019

JOANNA KRUEGER | May 03, 2018

To learn more about the HISTORY_EVENT_TABLE and the History Table Event Report, see 15.1 New or Enhanced Features - December 18, 2018 to March 11, 2019.

Mainframe Product Information

JOANNA KRUEGER | Jan 11, 2018

Introducing the Mainframe Product Listing, one page where you can find your product, its description, and links to documentation and product pages. Links to all the information you need on one easy to access page.