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CA Datacom Core - 15.0
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COMM (Communicate with MUF)

Last update May 17, 2017

Use the COMM function to communicate a request directly to the MUF. It executes similar to a batch program through a task area in the MUF except the SNAPCSA and SNAPSVC subfunctions. After completing an ALTER, CLRPXX, EOJ, NEWRXX, REQABORT, or SNAP subfunction, or the EOJOFF console only command (discussed in Administrating), the following message is displayed: COMM aaaaaaaa REQUEST ACCEPTED.


Use the COMM function when you need to perform one of the following:

  • Modify the error table (only at the direction of CA Support)
  • Clear the Statistics and Diagnostics Area
  • End MUF processing normally
  • Request a new Recovery File
  • Abort a long-running request
  • Write a dump of the Master List to the Statistics and Diagnostics Area (PXX)
  • Print a dump of the Extended Common Storage Area (ECSA)
  • Print a dump of the SVC
  • Print/display the status of MUF jobs
  • Other console-like commands (for details about console-like commands, see the section about maintaining CA DatacomĀ®/DB using console commands in Administrating).

Each option is explained in the following sections of this chapter.

Note: Except for SNAPCSA and SNAPSVC, the COMM options require that the MUF is active.

Length of Time to Process a Request

The utility waits until the request is complete to continue.

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