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CA Datacom Tools - 15.1
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Print Subsystem Utility (SCPSUTIL)

Last update March 8, 2017

Some CA IPC-based CA products use the Print Subsystem (PSS) to print files. A PSS utility is provided for PSS spool file maintenance. ADROUT, the PSS spool library, is a VLS library with a default BLKSIZE of 4000 and a default NAMELEN of 11. The following sections describe the PSS utility functions, how to submit the SCPSUTIL functions, and how to increase the size of ADROUT.

If you are a CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom® site, you can use an on-line facility for spool file maintenance.

This page contains the following topics:

How to Submit SCPSUTIL Functions

To execute SCPSUTIL functions, use the following sample JCL:

//         JOBCARD











at least one SCPSUTIL control card


The utility control cards are read from SYSIN. You can place the first character on each card in any column, including column 1. If the command has an operand, you must use at least one blank to separate the command from the operand. If there are multiple operands, you must use a blank or a comma to separate one operand from another. Because each utility operation is treated independently of any other, you can use the SCPSUTIL functions in any logical order.

Use DISP=OLD when you need to ensure exclusive control when updating the spool file. Otherwise, use DISP=SHR.

If You Move SCPSUTIL to a Site PROCLIB

Another way to prepare to submit SCPSUTIL functions is to execute from a site PROCLIB. Then, you can use the following sample JCL:

//      JOB


//             COPIES=01,

//             DEST=',DEST=Rxx',

//             OUTC='*'

at least one SCPSUTIL control card


    Number of AUXPRINT file copies.
  • DEST
    AUXPRINT file system destination.
  • OUTC
    AUXPRINT file system output class.

The SCPSUTIL functions are described in the following section. Listings from the commands are either written to the AUXPRINT file or to SYSUDUMP.

PSS Utility Functions

The following are descriptions of PSS utility functions.

  • DELETE filename filenumber
    Deletes the specified print file from the PSS spool file, ADROUT. You must specify a valid file name and file number.
  • EXPANDDIR system-name entries
    Increases the maximum number of entries reserved in the directory of the spool file. See 73.
    • system-name
      Three-character system-name used as a prefix to the VLS member name for the directory.
    • entries
      Maximum number of entries in the spool directory (9999 maximum). The number requested must be greater than the current number of entries in the directory.
    Prints a report that lists all files on the PSS spool file, ADROUT.
  • INIT
    Initializes the PSS spool file, ADROUT, and builds the directory.
    Produces the VLS-formatted index of the PSS library and space use statistics. The column for member names is 40 characters wide, regardless of the actual name length for the specified PSS file. Non-printable characters (except blanks) display as question marks (?).
  • PRINT filename filenumber action
    Prints a file from the spool. You must specify a valid file name and file number. There are only two valid values for action:
    • KEEP
      Retains the printed file on the spool.
    • DELETE
      Removes the printed file from the spool.
    Deletes expired members from ADROUT. Generally, expired members are purged automatically, so RECOVERY is needed only if space is running low. However, if CICS is not recycled for long periods of time at your site, you should consider scheduling RECOVERY as a batch job.

How to Modify the Amount of Space in a PSS Spool File

The PSS spool file, ADROUT, is a VLS file. The name length (NAMELEN) must be defined as 11 for ADROUT. Use the following procedure to modify the size of ADROUT:

  1. End all processing activity against ADROUT.
  2. Use the VLSUTIL BACKUP function to create a backup VLS file in sequential form. The backup file has a ddname of VLSBKUP.
  3. Allocate a new VLS file. Specify the amount of space it requires.
  4. Use the VLSUTIL FORMAT function to format a new VLS file. NAMELEN has a required value of 11.
  5. Use the SCPSUTIL INIT function to initialize ADROUT.
  6. Use the VLSUTIL RESTORE function to restore the library. Use VLSBKUP as input.
  7. Recycle CICS.

For information on VLSUTIL, see VLS Utility (VLSUTIL). For descriptions of the BACKUP, FORMAT, and RESTORE commands, see VLSUTIL Function Descriptions.

How to Expand the PSS Spool File Directory

The following procedure lets you expand the spool file directory to increase the maximum number of print files that can be stored in ADROUT. This procedure does not require a PSSUTIL INIT function and, thus, does not destroy data in existing spool files.

  1. End all processing activity against ADROUT. Close all CICS FCT entries for ADROUT and specify DISP=OLD on the DD for ADROUT in the SCPSUTIL JCL.
  2. Use the SCPSUTIL EXPANDDIR function to expand the spool file directory.
    The SCPSUTIL EXPANDDIR must have exclusive control of ADROUT. Be sure that there are no CICS or batch jobs accessing ADROUT at the time of the EXPANDDIR job is executing.
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