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CA Datacom Tools - 15.0
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Last update July 1, 2015

The DISPLAY LMT command displays the content of the Load Module Table, which may be a composite of entries loaded from Application Module Tables, and entries retrieved from the dictionary.

The entire table is displayed, regardless of the currently selected system. The entries are shown in the order they are found in the table, and are not sorted. If entries have been added by use of the REFRESH command, they will have been added at the end. See the FIND and INCLUDE commands in Section 3 for help in locating individual entries.

This command has the following format:



PGM  $ID  CICSWEB   (PRD)  IS MODULE  CICSWEB                         

PGM  CTH  A8842296  (PRD)  IS MODULE  ADAM1                           

PGM  CTH  B8842296  (PRD)  IS MODULE  ADAM2                           

PGM  CTH  A7698144  (PRD)  IS MODULE  A769814                         

PGM  CTH  B7698144  (PRD)  IS MODULE  B769814                         

PGM  CTH  C1198608  (PRD)  IS MODULE  CM98608                         

PGM  QAT  CUST      (PRD)  IS MODULE  CUST                            

PGM  CTH  C9370687  (PRD)  IS MODULE  C937068                         

PGM  CHE  DATE      (PRD)  IS MODULE  D1                              

PGM  SOL  ID#2192   (PRD)  IS MODULE  ID#2192                         

PGM  SOL  ID#2773   (PRD)  IS MODULE  ID#2773                         

PGM  SOL  ID#2818   (PRD)  IS MODULE  ID#2818                         

PGM  SOL  ID#2854   (PRD)  IS MODULE  ID#2854                         

PGM  SOL  ID#2897   (PRD)  IS MODULE  ID#2897                         

PGM  CTH  C8668350  (PRD)  IS MODULE  LARRYH                          

PGM  CHE  MARKGEN   (PRD)  IS MODULE  MARKGEN                         

PGM  OBR  PERSYS    (PRD)  IS MODULE  OBPERSY                         

PGM  JUL  PERSYS    (PRD)  IS MODULE  PERSYS                          

PGM  CTH  A8619139  (PRD)  IS MODULE  PGMA   

PNL  CTH  P8842296  (002)  IS MODULE  ADAMZ       

PNL  CHE  DATEPNL   (001)  IS MODULE  D1                                   

Note: The name after "IS MODULE" is the base seven-character name that was used on the CREATE MODULE command. The program entries in CICS will have an additional suffix character. It is possible for a program and a panel to have the same module name, as there is a prefix on the dictionary name, and different suffixes on the PPT entries.
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