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CA Datacom/AD - 15.0
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Installation Sequence

Last update January 23, 2017

Sample jobs must be executed in sequential order by name and number. Review, edit, execute, and successfully complete each installation step before proceeding to the next step.

Follow these guidelines when installing:

  1. New Installation Phase
    If you are installing CA DatacomĀ® for the first time, the following members have to first be completed successfully: AXCUSNEW, AXAPFADD, AXRIM01, AXNEW01, and AD15STRT. If you are building a second MUF on the same LPAR, there is no need for AXAPFADD and AXRIM01 to be run on the same LPAR again if no IPL was generated since the last time those two jobs executed.
  2. Installation Verification Phase
    After the installation, execute INSTJCL member AXIVP01. When this job has executed successfully, you have verified the CA DatacomĀ®/AD environment has been installed.

Review all MUF startup option statements in the job step that adds the MUF startup PARMs member AXDATIN1 to the CUSMAC PDSE. Examine the documentation of the CA Technologies using product to see if any changes to this member are suggested.

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