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Release Comparison

Last update June 14, 2018

The following table compares the key features in the currently supported versions of CA Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS: 

Key Features







Toleration of pervasive encryption on IBM z/OS yes no no
Online reorganization of index databases yes no no
Post-install Tailoring Tool for easier configuration of IIR and Conditional Reorg yes no no
IMS 15 Support yes no no

IMS 14 Support

yes yes no
CA Database Organizer™      
zIIP Support for DBO Unload yes yes no

Reorg JCL Generator

yes yes no

Pointer checking as part of Full Function Online Reorg

yes yes no

Conditional Reorg

yes yes no
CA Database Analyzer™      
New ONLINE keyword for online pointer checking yes no no
Rapid Application Control Block Generator yes yes no
Database Summary Report is printed when CA Database Analyzer is called from CA Database Copier yes yes no
zIIP Support yes yes yes
CA Database Copier™      

zIIP Support

yes yes yes

DFSMSdss support for Snapshot copies

yes yes yes
CA High Performance Recovery      

Support for OLR organized databases

yes yes yes
ARCHIVEWAIT – wait for the availability of required logs yes yes no
CA Mainframe Program Restart Manager      

Unified the order of concatenated STEPLIB libraries for BMP and DLI batch applications 

yes yes no
CA Mainframe Configuration Manager      

Dynamic Resource Definition Support

yes yes no
Command Control Manager      

Commands routed to an IMSplex and issued using a callable API can be up to 1020 bytes long

yes yes no
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