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Slack Plug-in

Last update April 17, 2019

Plug-in Version 1.1

The Slack plug-in provides your team with powerful, real-time messaging capabilities.

Supported Versions

The Slack plug-in supports the core Slack SaaS solution.

For more information, see the Slack documentation at

What's New

The following update was made for plug-in version 1.1:

  • Support was added for Java 11.


Register the plug-in and create endpoints as described in Manage Plug-ins.

Manifest URL

For plug-in registration, use the following Slack manifest URL:


Endpoint Parameters

The following parameters are required to create an endpoint:

To check the connection to Slack, use the endpoint Test Connection option. The Test Connection option returns the following results:

  • Success
    Connection was successful
  • Failure
    Connection failed


The following task types are available in the Slack plug-in:

Tip: To select from a list of available tokens, enter the percent sign (%) in the task field.

Post Message

The Post Message task requires the following fields:

 Input Parameters

  • Post to Channel
    Specifies a channel, or a direct message, to which to publish. 
    Values: For channels, use #[channel name]. For Direct messages, use @[direct name].
    Note: Empty channel messages are posted to the channel that is defined in the endpoint
  • Sender
    Specifies the name of the message sender
  • Message
    Defines the message text
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