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CA Continuous Delivery Director - Integrations
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CA Agile Central Plug-In

Last update November 7, 2018

The CA Agile Central plug-in integrates with project tracking and change management capabilities. Agile management tools, like CA Agile Central, enhance release and application communication and insight across the continuous delivery pipeline.

Note: CA Agile Central is also referred to in CA Continuous Delivery Director, and in product components and documentation, by the previous name of the tool, Rally.

Supported Versions

The CA Agile Central plug-in supports the core CA Agile Central SaaS solution.

The plug-in supports version 2.0 of the CA Agile Central API.


The CA Agile Central plug-in lets you perform the following tasks:

  • Import content from a CA Agile Central instance into an application version
  • Update application content in CA Agile Central from a task in a release


Register the plug-in and create endpoints as described in Manage Plug-ins.

The URL of the manifest for CA Agile Central plug-in registration is http://<plugin-server>:<port>/cdd-rally-plugin/manifest.json

Select the Rally Platform Endpoint Type in the ADD ENDPOINT dialog to add an endpoint for the CA Agile Central plug-in. The following CA Agile Central information is required when you create an endpoint:

  • URL
    Specifies the URL to access the CA Agile Central instance.
  • Workspace Name
    Specifies the name of the workspace that contains the project information to include as content for release application. To see available work spaces in the CA Agile Central interface, click the building icon at the top left next to the project name.
  • API Key
    Specifies the API Key that provides permission for API-based access to CA Agile Central information. To obtain an API key, contact your administrator.

    • To generate an API Key by user in CA Agile Central, use the following link when logged in to CA Agile Central:


    • For security purposes, we recommend that you create a user in CA Agile Central for CA Continuous Delivery Director and generate a key specific to that user.

    When you create an API key in CA Agile Central, please ensure that the ALM WSAPI Read-only check box is cleared. Otherwise, CA Agile Central tasks may fail with the error Update Task - HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized.

    Agile Central API Key Error

    For more information, see KB000106976.


The CA Agile Central plug-in provides the following tasks:

  • Update Content Item Status
  • Check Test Case Results

For task fields where you can select a value from the CA Agile Central instance, type the @ symbol to receive a list of available values to choose from.

Update Content Item Status

This task is named Rally Update in the UI. The task lets you dynamically update the status of a CA Agile Central work item from a task.

Example: If you cannot close a story until the release deployment, this task closes the story after the deployment is complete.

This task requires the following information:

  • Project Name
    Specifies the name of the CA Agile Central project that contains the work item to update. The project name appears in the upper left corner of the CA Agile Central interface.
  • Type
    Specifies the work item type (Defect or Task).
  • Rally Item ID
    Specifies the ID number of the specific work item to update.
    Example: DE143243
  • New Item Status
    Specifies the new status of the work item.
    Example: Select Completed to close the work item when the task completes.

Check Test Case Results

This task allows you to view test case results for specific CA Agile Central stories and defects. The plug-in retrieves the results of all test cases for the specified user stories and defects.

This task requires the following information:

  • Project Name
    Specifies the name of the CA Agile Central project that contains the test cases to query. The project name appears in the upper left corner of the CA Agile Central interface.
  • Work Item IDs
    Specifies a list of user story, test set, and defect ID numbers for which you want to check test case results. Separate the ID numbers with commas.
  • Test Case Type
    Select the appropriate test case type from the drop-down list.
  • Build
    Specifies the build number for which you want to check test case results.

When you run the task, a message appears in the phase indicating that all test cases passed. If test cases fail, the task fails and the number of failed test cases shows in the task. Click the error message to open a window with more details about the failures.

Import Work Items

The CA Agile Central plug-in lets you import CA Agile Central work items into an application. Use this capability when you deploy applications in a release to see information about related stories, tasks, and defects.

Follow these steps:

  1. In a release, expand the Apps & Work Items tree on the left menu, and select the version number.
  2. Select Add Work Items.
    The ADD WORK ITEMS window opens.
  3. Select the External Work Items option.
  4. Enter a name for the work items source.
    Example: Rally Feed
  5. Under Work Items Source, select the CA Agile Central plug-in and a configured CA Agile Central endpoint.
  6. Provide information in the required parameter fields. The following fields let you filter the work item import results:
    • Project Name
      Specifies the name of the CA Agile Central project that contains the content you want to import. The project name appears in the upper left corner of the CA Agile Central interface. Use the @ symbol to select from a list of projects in the CA Agile Central endpoint. Use the @ symbol in other fields to select from a dynamic list of entities associated with the selected project.
    • Release Name
      Specifies the name of the release to import from. For a list of release names, select PortfolioRelease Planning on the CA Agile Central interface.
    • Iteration Name
      Specifies the iteration name. Populate this field to limit the imported content to a specific iteration. Select TrackIteration on the CA Agile Central interface to access a list of iteration names.
      Example: Deploy a release for Iteration 4 and show only Iteration 4 content.
    • Type
      Specifies the type of work item you want to import.
    • Item Status
      Specifies the item status types to import. This field lets you filter what is imported based on status. 
      Example: Import only work items that are in the Done state.

Tutorial Videos


The following video shows an overview how CA Continuous Delivery Director integrates with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), and how use the integration to manage and monitor multi-application release content:


The following video shows how to configure CA Continuous Delivery Director integration with CA Agile Central:

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