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CA Common Services for z/OS - 14.1
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Last update November 29, 2017

Includes the steps to acquire, install, deploy, and configure all product components.

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    2015-02-16 02:11

    A current LMP Product Code Listing of all CA products is not easy to find.  I did locate an old 2010 product code table URL below via Google.

  2. Bauman, James A
    2016-08-30 03:05

    You can find the latest LMP Product Codes and their associated Product Names on the CA Licensing page on

    Follow these steps to display the CA Licensing page:

    1. Open the website.
    2. Click Menu (on the top left of the Welcome to CA Support page) and then click Licensing to open the CA Licensing page.
    3. On the bottom right of the CA Licensing page, click LMP Product Code Listing to display the LMP Listing page.
      The resulting table is sorted by LMP Code and the associated product name is listed to the right.