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JMeter samplers blacklisted on ASM

Last update March 14, 2016

For security reasons, the following samplers are disabled. JMeter scripts containing these samplers are not permitted to upload to ASM.

Listed by human readable name (internal JMeter class name).

  • Access Log Sampler (AccessLogSampler)
  • AJP/1.3 Sampler (AjpSampler)
  • BeanShell Sampler (BeanShellSampler)
  • BSF Sampler (BSFSampler)
  • Debug Sampler (DebugSampler)
  • FTP Request (FTPSampler)
  • Java Request (JavaSampler)
  • JDBC Request (JDBCSampler)
  • JMS Point-to-Point (JMSSampler)
  • JMS Publisher (PublisherSampler)
  • JMS Subscriber (SubscriberSampler)
  • JSR223 Sampler (JSR223Sampler)
  • JUnit Request (JUnitSampler)
  • LDAP Request (LDAPSampler)
  • LDAP Extended Request (LDAPExtSampler)
  • Mail Reader Sampler (MailReaderSampler)
  • MongoDB Script (MongoScriptSampler)
  • OS Process Sampler (SystemSampler)
  • SMTP Sampler (SmtpSampler)
  • TCP Sampler (TCPSampler)
  • Test Action (TestAction)
  • WebService(SOAP) Request (WebServiceSampler)

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