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App Experience Analytics
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App Transactions

Last update February 28, 2018

App Experience Analytics helps you understand how your transactions perform. A transaction is  a unit of business action that is aimed to deliver a specific business outcome. For example, scheduling a pickup for a shipping app, View Product in the case of a catalog app, Add item to cart in the case of a storefront app. The owner of the app can define specific named transaction boundaries in the app’s code using the App Experience Analytics SDK APIs and can encapsulate operations within that boundary. App Experience Analytics captures metrics when these key transactions are executed by the consumers of the app.


  • Auto transactions for WebViews are not supported.
  • You can configure the Refresh every __ min option only when you select LAST 24 HOURS in the time interval filter.

Transaction Summary

The line graphs display all the transactions of an app that have crashed, errored, are incomplete, or are slow during the selected time period. This section also provides the percentage of Overall Success Rate, Crashed Transactions, Incomplete Transactions, Slow Transactions, and Errored Transactions. 

  • Crashed Transactions: Transactions that have experienced a crash.
  • Incomplete Transactions: Transactions where the app has initiated the start of a transaction but has not executed the corresponding end transaction. A crashed transaction could sometimes be counted as Incomplete if the end transaction was not executed because the app crashed ahead of it.
  • Slow Transactions: Dynamic computation of slow transaction marks a transaction as slow if the transaction takes at least 1000 millisecs to complete or takes longer than the moving average of the completion time for the selected time period.

    Note: For more information about slow transactions, see

  • Errored Transactions: App transactions that have been recorded as errored via the App Experience Analytics SDK API.

Transaction Details

 Displays the following information for each transaction:

  • Name: Transactions that are executed within the mobile app. If the name is not specified via the App Experience Analytics SDK API, then by default, App Experience Analytics considers the screen name of the app as the transaction name and the name of the app as the service.
  • Included in services: Services that the transaction in question was a part of. If the service name was not specified, by default, App Experience Analytics considers the name of the app as the service and associates the transaction with the name of the app.
  • Duration: Average time spent executing a transaction during the app’s active sessions.
  • Volume: Number of times a transaction was executed during the app’s active sessions.
  • Crashed: Number of times a transaction was aborted due to an app crash.
  • Incomplete: Number of times a transaction was initiated but was not completed.
  • Slow: Number of times a transaction took longer than expected to complete successfully.
  • Offset: Time when a transaction began relative to the session’s start transaction. Offset = start time – session start time.

Click the transaction name to go to the Transaction Details page. In addition to the transaction details, this page also provides the list of flagged sessions. Click the Session Name to go to the Session Details page.

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