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CA Application Performance Management - 10.1
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Configure Platform Monitoring

Last update February 27, 2018


Platform monitors enable the Java agent to report system metrics, including CPU statistics, to the Enterprise Manager. Platform monitors are included with the Introscope agent installers.

Consider the following information:

  • Platform monitors on all operating systems except Windows Server and AIX are automatically enabled upon Java agent installation. Windows Server and AIX platform monitors require minimal configuration to work.
  • Platform monitor binaries are independent of application server and operating system bit modes. Also, platform monitor binaries are purely dependent on JVM architecture.
Note: For system requirements, see the Compatibility Guide.

The Java agent generates the following platform metrics:

  • ProcessID
  • Processor Count -- Indicates the number of CPUs
  • Utilization % (process) -- For the Java Agent process, indicates the percentage of total capacity of all processors this process is using. Regardless of the number of processes, this metric generates only one number.
  • Utilization % (aggregate) -- For this processor, indicates its total use (as a percentage) by all processes in the system. Each processor is shown as a Resource in the Investigator tree.

Enabling Platform Monitors on Windows Server

To run platform monitors on Windows server, you must have admin privileges or must be part of the Performance Users Group.

Note: System objects must be enabled for platform monitoring to work on Windows.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start > Accessories > Right click on command prompt > Run as… > Administrator.
  2. Run the command: lodctr /r
    "Process" and "Processor" objects are enabled.

You can determine whether the system objects are enabled.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. Type perfmon and click Run.
  3. In the dialog, click Add.
  4. In the Add dialog, if "Process" and "Processor" performance objects are present in the drop-down list box, then system objects are enabled.

Enable Platform Monitors on AIX

You can enable platform monitors on AIX.

Follow these steps:

  1. After Java agent installation, verify that the following files are installed in the <Agent_Home>/core/ext directory:
    • introscopeAIXPSeries32Stats.jar
    • introscopeAIXPSeries64Stats.jar
  2. Install the Perfstat Library. Install the following packages from the IBM FTP site:
    • bos.perf.libperfstat
    • bos.perf.perfstat
  3. Restart your computer.
    The patches take effect and the platform monitors are enabled.

Disable Platform Monitors

You can disable a platform monitor by moving its corresponding .jar file to a different directory.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the <Agent_Home>/core/ext directory.
  2. Select the introscope<platform>.jar file that corresponds to your platform.
  3. Move the .jar file from the <Agent_Home>/core/ext directory to another directory.

Configure Platform Monitor Metrics

You can configure properties to disable the reporting or display of various platform monitor metrics.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the <Agent_Home>/core/config directory and open the IntroscopeAgent.profile in a text editor.
  2. Configure the following properties as required.

    1. (Optional) To disable the display of  platform metrics, set introscope.agent.platform.monitor.system="".

    2. (Optional) To disable the collecting of the Utilization % (aggregate) and Processor Count host CPU metrics, set introscope.agent.disableAggregateCPUUtilization=true.
    3. (Optional) To disable the collecting of  process CPU metrics, set introscope.agent.platform.monitor.system=.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the monitored application.
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