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CA API Gateway - 9.3
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Connect the Policy Manager in Docker

Last update April 16, 2018

This topic describes how to connect the Policy Manager to the Container Gateway in a Docker deployment.

The Policy Manager is used to perform administrative tasks, such as creating or modifying services, or managing configurations. It is enabled when the environment variables SSG_ADMIN_USERNAME and SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD are defined.

Note: Policy Manager connectivity may be disabled if your Container Gateway was deployed using the embedded database. To re-enable it, supply values for the SSG_ADMIN_USERNAME and SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variables.

To connect the Policy Manager to a Container Gateway:

  1. Launch the Policy Manager application. For more information, see Start the Policy Manager.  
  2. Enter your login details:
    • User Name: Enter the administrative user name, as defined by the SSG_ADMIN_USERNAME environment variable.
    • Password: Enter the administrative password, as defined by the SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variable.
    • Gateway: Enter the Docker Host IP address and HTTPS port, in the format: <DOCKER_HOST_IP>:<CONTAINER_HTTPS_PORT>, where:
      • <DOCKER_HOST_IP> is the IP address for the Docker Host hosting your Container Gateway(s). If Docker is running locally, use localhost. If Docker Machine is used, obtain the Docker Host IP address by running the docker-machine ls command. For example, the following output shows the Docker Host IP address as

        NAME      ACTIVE   DRIVER       STATE     URL                         SWARM   DOCKER        ERRORS
        default   *        virtualbox   Running   tcp://           v17.10.0-ce

      • <CONTAINER_HTTPS_PORT> is the exposed HTTPS port for one of your Container Gateways. Obtain the Container Gateway port mappings by running the docker ps command. In the sample output below, port 33138 is used to connect the Policy Manager:>8080/tcp,>8443/tcp,>9443/tcp

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