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CA API Gateway - 9.3

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Learning Center

Jump-start your learning. Includes "Thinking in Policy".

Install, Configure, Upgrade

Set up your Gateway, Policy Manager, clusters, auto-provisioning. Configure other Gateway form factors: AMI, Azure, Docker.

Security Configuration

Configure security for Gateway operations. Workflow using SAML or X.509 Certificates. Configure identity providers.

Services and Policies

Services and policies are the foundation of the Gateway.

Policy Assertions

Reference for all the assertions in the Policy Manager.

Gateway Migration

How to migrate entities using the Gateway Migration Utility (GMU).

Administer the Gateway

Describes various administrative tools and procedures to maintain the Gateway.

APIs, Toolkits, and SDKs

Reference material for the WS Management API and how to install the REST Management API.


Describes the context variables, cluster properties, troubleshooting, appendixes.